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Free entry - booking recommended

Tuesday to Saturday: 10am – 5pm

Drawing of the palmar and dorsal views of the bones of the left hand. The carpal bones are numbered 1-8, with the metacarpals and phalanges lettered A-I

Drawings of the bones of the human hand

Hunterian Drawing Club #4

Artist Eleanor Crook leads a collage workshop at the Hunterian Museum.

8th August 2024


One of the regular meet-ups exploring art and anatomy with the extraordinary Hunterian collection for inspiration. Spaces are limited so make sure you book your ticket using the link above

For this session Eleanor will introduce and demonstrate the use of collage in anatomical art (bodies are after all things of many and various parts) and supply some prints of anatomical engravings you can dissect with scissors to reassemble into creatures , bodies and observations from the collection, adopting the forms and textures from the engravings to create new, inventive and surprising combinations . Cut, paste, graft, splice, reengineer. Anatomy as you know it but have never yet seen it...bring your own small scissors for snipping out the details! 

Paper , prints and glue supplied.

Eleanor Crook is an artist with a specialist interest in mortality, anatomy, and pathology. You can find out more about her work on her website