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A microscope with slide with a whole lizard, on its side. Handwritten on the top is 'OL 8'. Handwritten on the bottom is 'regeneration Leg-foot 9 Days'

Microscope slide of a lizard, prepared by John Quekett, 1840–60

Microscope Slide Collection

This collections contains over 15,000 microscope slides, dating from the 1700s. 

Objects in this collection have museum identification numbers with the prefix RCSMS.

Includes slides prepared by:

  • Microscopist John Thomas Quekett (1815-1861)
  • Pioneering dentists Sir John Tomes (1815- 1895) and his son Sir Charles Tomes (1846- 1928)
  • Primatologist William Osman Hill (1901-1975)

The Hunterian Collection also includes slides made by anatomist William Hewson (1739-1774)

Microscope slide labeled 'Vertical Section of Paddle of an Ichthyosaurus' by John Quekett
RCSMS/Quekett/Division 2/Bb 89

Microscope slide labeled 'Tick of Hedgehog' by John Quekett
RCSMS/Quekett/Division 2/Xl 144

Microscope slide labeled 'Human Stomach' by John Quekett
RCSMS/Quekett/Division 2/Db 97


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