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Tuesday to Saturday: 10am – 5pm

Two ivory figures, female and male, lying on faded pink fabric beds. Their abdomens have been removed to reveal the anatomy below.

Female and male human anatomical figures, 1600s


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  • A large white dressing on a persons lower abdomen; the persons hands and the edges of a pair of green hospital pyjamas are also visible.

    Transplant and Life

    Artists Tim Wainwright and John Wynne, working with transplant patients at the Royal Free and Harefield hospitals, used sound, photography and video to reveal intimate patient experiences and bring the sights and sounds of patients into the museum.


    22nd November 2016–20th May 2017

  • A brightly coloured and detailed cartoon, with a large central design surrounded by four small designs. In the centre is a funeral procession showing a coffin on which stands a golden calf. The main title of the piece is written at the bottom - 'THE COWPOX TRADEGY - Seene the Last'. There is other text and annotations throughout the print.

    Vaccination: medicine and the masses

    This exhibition charts the ever-changing relationship between the medical profession and the public through this controversial topic, highlighting the contributions of laypeople to the development of vaccination as well as the ways in which the public have resisted its use.


    19th April–17th September 2016


  • A wide angled view of a gallery space. Painted white, there are wall mounted display cases containing medical models alongside text panels.

    Designing Bodies: Models of anatomy from 1945 to now


    24th November 2015–20th February 2016

  • A drawing of an 18th century operation; the patient in the centre is shouting while is being held down onto a table by several figures. His leg is being sawn by a figure in the foreground. To the left, an audience in raised tiers look down on the scene.

    Surgeons at Work: The art of the operation

    This exhibition features representations of surgeons and surgery from the 16th to the 21st centuries taken from the museum and library collections of the Royal College of Surgeons.


    31st March–27th June 2015

  • A black and white collage showing scenes of anatomical models being made.

    Model Anatomy

    Anatomical models of the human body have been used to educate and entertain since the late seventeenth century. Artists created écorchés, anatomical studies of flayed men, to study the action of muscles. Midwives made leather and wood “obstetric phantoms” to provide hands-on training for assisted births.


    1st January–31st October 2015


  • A black and white drawing of a operating scene. Two figures are leaning over an operating table. Another figure is at the head of the table. A figure with a head covering stands on the left of the image, while on the right a figure in a gown carries a large bowl.

    War, Art and Surgery: The art of Henry Tonks and Julia Midgley

    To mark the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War, the Hunterian Museum is staging the exhibition 'War, Art and Surgery'. Visitors will have the rare opportunity to explore the relationship between war and surgery, past and present.


    14th October 2014–14th February 2015


  • Black and white photograph of porters and museum staff at the Royal College of Surgeons of England carrying a large whale bone on their shoulders down the front steps of the College in the 1930s.

    Opened Up: 200 years of the Hunterian Museum

    The Hunterian Museum at the Royal College of Surgeons over the last two hundred years has boasted renowned collections of human anatomy and pathology as well as natural history and works of art.

    This bicentenary exhibition asks who took care of them, where and how were they displayed, who visited them and what role does the museum play in surgical education today?


    14th May–9th November 2013





  • Logo reading 'Medicine at the MOVIES' with a graphic of a  film projector

    Medicine at the Movies

    Medicine at the Movies was a project to give older learners from the local community a chance to learn how to make a film in less than 10 weeks!


    2nd November 2009–31st March 2010

  • A persons bare neck, shoulders, mouth and chin. Superimposed over the photograph is an image of a specimen in a glass jar.

    Narrative Remains

    All the dead voices.
    What do they say?


    6th October–5th December 2009

  • View of a gallery space, with a life size white human outline in the centre and display cases on the walls.

    Sci-Fi Surgeons: Medical robots

    Are we on the edge of a robot revolution in medicine?


    8th September–23rd December 2009